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Creates high quality anti-aliasing, unique, accurate Chinese Symbols
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China's emergence as a new economic superpower has made Chinese to become the language to learn. This program allows users to translate many everyday English words into Chinese. But not only that; the program renders the Chinese symbols in high-quality graphic files, so you can use and edit them with many of the most popular graphic editing programs. The program is very easy to use. You only need to open the Symbols library and search the word(s) you are looking for. The different words are grouped by categories such as male and female names, martial arts, numbers, animals, and so on, making it easier to find any word quickly. By clicking on the desired English word on the list, its translation will appear on the main panel, from where you can export it to any graphic editing program. You can also click on the Translation panel and type a word or short phrase. The program will show you the Chinese translation you want. A very useful feature is the Pronunciation and Meaning panel, which shows you how to pronounce the Chinese translation, and what the symbols mean. The program also includes a series of graphic effects and styles that you can apply to the resulting symbols. It is a very comprehensive program for those people who want to learn Chinese and/or obtain high-quality Chinese symbols for graphic applications.

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